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The name of our vodka is a nod to the fullness, completeness and satisfaction of finishing an irrigation pass with a pivot irrigation system. Velvety subtle flavours make this vodka exceptional unaccompanied or it can enhance any cocktail to the fullest.

full circle vodka

Gin was initially developed as a medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Our Farmacy Gin blends a subtle juniper base for a restorative, harmonic combination of florals, fruits and herbs that dance on the tongue and linger on the palate. We hope it cures what ails you. 

farmacy gin


Warm, spicy botanicals including cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg are elegantly married together in this seasonal contemporary gin. This limited edition may not last through a southern Alberta winter. Stock up. 

winter gin

Local sugar beets create this unique "rum" style spirit that will aid the clarity of your ruminations. 

Available in white and amber. 



A tribute to the Weatherhead Family of Burdett, Alberta and Alberta Agriculture, our first mixed-grain mash-bill of Barley, Rye, and Triticale creates an exceptional whisky deserving of the Weatherhead name. It has notes of toffee, fruit, and toasted oak with a warm mouth feel.

weatherhead whisky

We take our best filtered and polished vodka, infuse it with fresh in-season pineapple, and then bottle it. This is the magic that makes our famous Hawaii 5Oh cocktail.

pineapple vodka


The local farm-produced honey, paired with locally grown haskap and premium vodka is the simple ingredient for this beautiful dark purple sweet and tart liqueur. 

haskap honey liqueur

This complex herbal liqueur is often served as a digestif but its unique flavours offer endless cocktail possibilities.

roman's violator


Yes, we found local ginger in Alberta and paired it with the best quality honey from Scandia Fields clover Honey, juicy in-season lemons, and our premium barley grain Vodka. This liqueur is 37% alcohol but you would never know. It's so full-flavored, with punchy ginger and lemon yet smooth tasting. 

lemon ginger liqueur

Similar to our Lemon & Ginger liqueur, this one has fresh lime which adds a vibrant and zesty sour flavour to this happy liqueur made with our white rumination as the base spirit.

lemon lime ginger liqueur


Queen Bee Gin, natural Raspberries, and local honey. Perfection.

raspberry gin liqueur

We blend our Farmacy Gin with a beautiful red, tart fresh cherry flavor and of course, we always use local honey to sweeten it. 

sour cherry gin liqueur

Anchor 1

Ambition in a can. Tingly and sweet: lemon, pomegranate, and cranberry fizz blended with premium Vodka. Limited Edition. Available in store only.

GIRL BOSS pink lemonade

A perfect balance of natural pineapple juice and premium vodka. Summer in a can! Packed without preservatives or artificial flavors. Available in store only.

HAWAII five oh


canned cocktails


Think of Blueberries, lemon, and lavender, and add the fresh citrus taste of botanicals from our famous Farmacy Gin. It's a unique and extraordinary flavor experience. with premium Vodka. Available in store only.

blueberry lavender gin fizz

Our award-winning Vodka combined with the quality flavors of Your Preference Kombucha produce amazing coolers that are flavor-packed and low-calorie. 

blueberry haskap vodka
hard kombucha


Our award-winning Vodka combined with the quality flavors of Your Preference Kombucha produce amazing coolers that are flavor-packed and low-calorie. 

blood orange peach vodka hard kombucha

canned beverages are available in store only.

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