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About Pivot Spirits Ltd.

Our Story

      In your search for a small distillery with a unique taste and a personal touch, add sustainability to your list. For Pivot Spirits at Rolling Hills, Alberta, sustainability is fundamental at all stages of the distilling process. Pivot Spirits Ltd. is a Craft Distillery owned and operated by Rachelle Fiset and Lars (Larry) Hirch. Lars is using his lifetime of experience in farming and roots in distilling to create a brilliant and unique facility and product in this prairie region that has been made bountiful by irrigation.  The distillery operation mirrors the sustainable practices of the farm.


Products Crafted By Hand

Winter Gin

Young Guns Series :


More aging is needed for this spirit to be known as whisky. 100% barley is lightly aged, hinting at great flavours that maturity will soon bring!

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Winter Gin

Warm, spicy botanicals including cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg are elegantly married together in this seasonal contemporary gin. This limited edition may not last through a southern Alberta winter. Stock up. 


Local sugar beets create this unique "rum" style spirit that will aid the clarity of your ruminations. 

Available in white and amber. 

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Young Guns Series: Spelt

This ancient grain spirit has a silky sweet depth with a bloomy and citrus finish. 100% Spelt is lightly aged on its way to becoming whisky. 

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Haskap and Honey

We take the finest local honey and blend it with the fresh juice of haskap berries grown in Nobleford Alberta. With this sweet blend we add the smoothest Vodka we can make. The result is a beautiful flavor. 

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Spiced RUMination

Local sugar beets create this unique "rum" style spirit that will aid the clarity of your ruminations. 

We added pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, and allspice along with a few other secret ingedients. 

Young Guns Series: Rye

100% rye is lightly aged on it's way to becoming rye whisky. Already evident is the unmistakeable rye sweet spiciness. 

Young Guns Series :


A cross between wheat and rye. 100% triticale is lightly aged to provide a youthful verion of this unique grain's character. 

Full Circle


The name of our vodka is a nod to the fullness, completeness and satisfaction of finishing an irrigation pass with a pivot irrigation system. Velvety subtle flavours make this vodka exceptional unaccompanied or it can enhance any cocktail to the fullest.

Farmacy Gin

Gin was initially developed as a medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Our Farmacy Gin blends a subtle juniper base for a restorative, harmonic combination of florals, fruits and herbs that dance on the tongue and linger on the palate. We hope it cures what ails you. 

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